About Me

I am Sindhu. I wanted to share my experiences on cooking, beauty tips and craft ideas - Reason for Inception of this blog.


"Life is full of Beauty". Why not discover the beauty in you?

Everybody wants to be beautiful and portray the best of them. I had been going through a series of home made stuff which helps to enhance the beauty and give a beautiful YOU.

I shall be posting all that I have tried and learnt so far. Hope it serves all.

Acne Scars

Acne scars make a black impression/spots when it leaves. And those impressions stays with us if not taken care of. Here is a tip for clearing Acne Scars. All that you need is Parsley, Lemon and water.

Chop parsley and boil it in water for 15 mins. Strain the content and add 5 table spoon of fresh lemon juice.
Store this in a bottle and apply to your face daily using a cotton swab. Apply only over the scars.
Lemon Juice is used to treat dark spots, age marks and post acne scars.